UUFHC Minister's Letter

Dear Religious Educator

Rev. Maria Uitti McCabe
Thank you for considering the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Harford County in your search process. We are a warm and welcoming congregation of 150 members with 58 children and youth registered in our Faith Formation programs. We frequently hear new members tell us that they made the decision to join when they saw how quickly their children immersed themselves in the Faith Formation program. It is our hope and our vision to one day extend the position of Director of Faith Formation into a full time position that would oversee Lifespan religious education. In the meantime, we offer a full selection of Faith Formation classes for adults and older adults under my supervision.

Our community of volunteers in the Faith Formation program includes extremely dedicated, faithful and knowledgeable teachers. Many are or have been educators in their professional lives and they bring rich and varied experience to the classroom. We consider our program a cooperative and expect parents of children and youth to actively participate in it.

The UU Fellowship of Harford County has a history of strongly supporting social justice initiatives. From its earliest days, the Fellowship has been known as a community that fights for racial justice. It has been a consistent member of the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland, advocating for the state’s Marriage Equality Act and most recently for legislation that would require police officers and school security officials to notify parents or guardians when minors are taken into custody for questioning. We approach social justice work collaboratively, understanding that we are most effective when we follow the leadership of those most impacted by the issues we seek to address.

Harford County, Maryland is still somewhat rural. In a state that is largely considered to be blue, Harford County is red. I have found it to be a very good place to be a Unitarian Universalist and offer religious community for all who seek our tradition’s life-affirming values.

Our Fellowship is in transition. I have been here for almost three years. I followed a one-year interim minister and an 18-year settled minister. The 2016 election galvanized many folks in our area, and we’ve experienced an influx of new members who want to make an impact in our larger community. We have an opportunity to lean into our mission with new energy and commitment. Your leadership, should you decide to explore this opportunity, would be most welcome.

Rev. María Uitti McCabe